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Success Stories

We strive to make each and every contact with those who come to us for help the most meaningful and beneficial experience possible. Some of those we assist feel so strongly about the service we provide and the results they have achieved that they insist on letting us know about it. Below are some of the recent examples of clients whose lives we have touched.

July 25th, 2013
A member of St. Louis Community Credit Union shared with us that she had a wonderful experience with one of our counselors today during her Credit Report Review appointment. The counselor was "very motivating," "informative," and "amazing." The client feels that she is in a much better position now to work towards her goal of getting a car loan and then a home later on. She now understands the type of credit that she has and what steps she needs to take towards improving it. She can't believe how much she didn't know about before this counseling session. Her next step is going through a money management session at the end of August.

June 8th, 2013
Within two days after speaking to a BALANCE counselor, an Empower Federal Credit Union member:

  • Avoided bankruptcy
  • Lowered the APR on one unsecured debt from above 20% to below 10%
  • Lowered the APR on another unsecured debt from 15% to 7%
  • Increased her cash flow by selling items on eBay

May 21st, 2013
An accountholder with State Employees Credit Union asked to speak with a manager at BALANCE because she wanted to make sure the counselor was recognized for the service he provided. The client was set to send $2,600 to a company claiming to help her get out of debt. She is extremely thankful that she called BALANCE and learned of strategies for paying the debt on her own that will save her a huge amount of money.

May 20th, 2013
A Patelco Credit Union member wrote us a letter four years after going through a money management counseling session with BALANCE. When she first spoke with us she had over $50,000 in debt. In the letter, she wrote:

Because of you and the support I felt from you from that one conversation, I am able to say that I paid off the FULL $53,000 in three years and was able to become completely debt free as of June 2012. I now have investments and savings and feel very in control of my financial decisions and future.

She went on to write:

Speaking with you that day honestly changed my life and was a pivotal moment in the changing of my finances. You are a stranger to me except for that one phone call, but you made a difference in my life and I remember it.

May 16th, 2013
A Gateway Metro Credit Union member wanted to thank BALANCE for helping her deal with an Identity Theft problem that had been going on for 10 years. After talking with one of our counselors, the client felt much better prepared to:

  • Communicate with each credit bureau
  • Write the necessary letters to resolve the matter
  • Track her progress
  • Access the available resources for ending her Identity Theft nightmare

April 24th, 2013
BALANCE received an email from a Hanscom Federal Credit Union who wanted to thank the counselor who had helped her take hold of her credit standing. Before talking with the counselor in January, the client had been told by a real estate agent that her credit was “in the toilet.” Now, less than four months later, she and her husband are closing on a mortgage. “I could not have accomplished this without you,” she wrote. “You were the framework of my moving forward.” She also asked the counselor to “make sure that you tell your other clients it can be done.”

April 18th, 2013
A homeowner referred to BALANCE via Workplace Options was grateful that BALANCE helped him avoid foreclosure on his house. His property was scheduled to be sold at auction in just five days when he first reached out to us. The counselor who took his call was able to set up an immediate conference call with the client’s lender and the Veteran’s Administration, the backer of the loan. BALANCE was able to help the client have the auction date postponed for 90 days while a loan modification was worked on.

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